Monday, December 13, 2004

internet users anonymous?

Confession time: I'm seriously addicted to the internet. I don't doubt that many of you already know this, but I never realize the extent of my addiction myself until I am removed from consistent access.

I will be deprived of internet for a while, realize this, regain internet usage, and forget it again.

And I exhibit some classic symptoms: Spending hours at a time in front of the computer, even if I've exhausted all paths of surfing that I'm curious about and/or just can't stand to stare at the light anymore. I'll reread my blog archives, or someone else's blog archives. I'll play some stupid game. I'll look blankly at someone's email to me that I should have replied to many eons ago, but never actually do it.

The Roommate won't let me use his computer- in fact I got bitched out for being caught online last night when he came home- because it's got some sort of virus. I'm telling you, these things don' t happen if you use Firefox. Oh, and also, if you don't look at the crazy porn sites. Personally, you can look at porn all you want, but in this day and age it might just be better to rent it. While I was online I never noticed anything funny, although Firefox was allowing popups every twenty minutes or so. Now that's weird. I get the feeling he's trying to pin it on me somehow.

So, I'm in and out of the library, where the connection is slower than an old man's bowel movement, and links don't seem to want to work when I plug them into Blogger. The hour time limit is suffocating, and ironically enough it won' t let me go to Pamie's site (This is just plain evil because not only is she from Texas, she's also done more than just about anyone I know to make libraries better places).

And when I go home? Nothing to do now except take pictures of myself with the webcam and play with them in photoshop. My life is so thrilling, it's a wonder you don't all just drop dead from heart attacks. Or asphyxia. Let me know which you prefer and I'll set it up for you.