Friday, December 17, 2004

passive-aggressive i might regret this later blogging

I've never been able to figure out how to give the subtle hints when it comes to liking someone, or maybe I'm not subtle enough and the person in question freaks out, but I've come to realize with these things I've just got to be blunt. I'm tired of doing the dance and playing the games with people. On the table. If you don't care for how I feel about you, well, just say so and it will all be forgotten. These days I'm just impatient as fuck for something good to happen, and waiting around is seriously cramping my style.


You. Yeah, you. I like you. Really I do. Just so you know.

See how important italics can be?

Proper responses to this blog could contain an amalgamation of the following:
-"why yes, I feel the same, but am conflicted about relationship matters at the moment and need more time to get to know you."
-"great, when do you get back in town again?"
-"cool, but I'll have you know that you screwed up my whole master plan which was totally romantic and wonderful."

Improper responses to this blog would contain the following:
-"Christ, no, woman!"
-"Um, let's just be friends."
-maniacal laughter
-"You had me there for a while but then you put this on a public forum and really embarrassed me and now I'll never talk to you again."

(These last may be discussed in email or to my face, only, please)

Ok. I'm going to go pack my suitcase and tomorrow fly 2,000 miles home, all the meanwhile totally regretting posting this and yet maintaining a little hope that I haven't totally made a douchebag out of myself. I', I'll check in tomorrow evening sometime I guess.