Sunday, January 16, 2005

i guess i could just use a hug

Instead of that hug I will be listening to Prokofiev's Battle on the Ice from Alexander Nevsky at full volume while lying on my back staring at the ceiling. If anyone actually tried to hug me right now I'd full on bawl. Nobody wants that- except me, because then I might be able to shake this feeling outta my bones for good. Or at least prolong the non-shittiness for a while.

how was everyone's day?

Did you all have a good day? Was it nice and sunny outside like it was in Dallas? Did you get the shit kicked out of you by happiness? Or was it just living as usual and you're fine with that? Can you see through my forced cheerfulness like cheap veneer?

I miss my roommates. On days like these, when the Prokofiev wasn't helping, Emily, Bethany and Davis would dogpile me on my bed and hold me down until I felt better. Nothing in the world beats a gang of girlfriends. Nothing.