Wednesday, February 16, 2005

the good, the bad, and the miscellaneous

I am officially in Marisa's wedding! She called yesterday to entertain me with both her and Dennis's wedding party horror stories and ended by asked me to stand up for her, which I am glad to do. Actually, she asked me, tenatively, a while back (I like to call it "pinch-bridesmaid" detail), but it's kind of nice to be permanent. :)

A piece of my necklace (seen here, with Marisa, in honor of the above) has broken off and disappeared. The bottom bit, on the outside of the spiral. This kind of disturbs me as the symbol (koru) stands for "new beginnings" or "re-birth"- so I'm not sure what kind of sign it is when part of your rebirth is missing. Looking too deep? Yeah, okay.

Poteet High is playing Profanation from Bernstein's Symphony No 2 ("Jeremiah") tomorrow, and I am quite looking forward to it. On account of how cool it is, and not necessarily (but I will admit a certain malevolence in hoping) because I like watching young horn players struggle up in the stratosphere of high notes. Hehehe.