Monday, April 04, 2005

slipping away again

Hmm. What to blog about? Life recently has been pretty damn fantastic and I almost (at least on the weekends) don't have time to blog. We can go over my weekend as example, briefly, if you like.

Chuck came down from Denton around 6, and we went out to an amazing Greek restaurant called Sevan's, on Lower Greenville. The owner and his wife, our server, were ridiculously nice. The hummus was good, the falafel was perfect, and Chuck's gyro plate was beyond amazing. I went selectively vegetarian for the night so I could try the lamb, and I didn't regret it.

Anyway, on the way back we stopped at Tim and Allison's place for a beer, since they had decided to be lame and not come to my housewarming party. Got back to my apartment in time to save Gabe from hours of endless waiting outside of my apartment complex's gate (Sorry Gabe!), Jason and Leon came, and we got drunk. Some interesting things happened. The regional incarnation of Teoteotea (goddess of drunken musician bacchanales), Tricia2001, showed up and made her own t-shirt line ("Tricia2001: Not your ordinary beaver", or perhaps you'd prefer Tricia2001: A spanking pang in your fuckstick"?). Much madlibbing. I'll leave you with one of our classiest ones in a separate entry. We dressed Chuck up as an Eastern European, world-weary transvestite prostitute named Tonya, although it took us hours to come up a name upon which we could all agree.

Jason and Gabe hung around until 5 pm, more silliness consumed us. Tricia2001 was obviously not done with us...

But eventually, they left, Chuck and I got cleaned up and went over to T & A's for dinner. They made awesome Pad Thai, we drank wine and watched "This is Spinal Tap", which Chuck had never seen. Then we played some sort of drunken round robin of old skool MarioKart while listening to Allison's bad party music playlist. Twas...awesome.

Both Chuck and I were feeling mildly like we were coming down with the plague, so we slept late and in general did nothing. Around 5 or so we cleaned up and went to Half Price Books, where I got the most amazing thing ever for $10: A four LP collection of chamber works by women composers- Fanny Mendolssohn's Piano Trio, Clara Schumann's Piano Trio, music by Amy Beach and Lili Boulanger. I haven't been able to satisfactorily find anything like this on CD, so this particular collection nearly made my panties moist. I also got an LP recording of Bernstein's 1st Symphony and a two CD set of NY Phil playing Mahler 2, 5, and 8. All for under $30. Love me some used music.

After cashing in at the store, we headed to The Blue Fish, also on Greenville, for sushi, although we were both kind of crabby and cold. It was a beautiful day, but windy, and our table outside was not in the sun. The sushi was good- I've had better spicy tuna rolls, but the shrimp tempura and CA rolls were awesome. I was in just the sort of mood where the ugliness of mankind (and yes, I mean mankind) was grating: a continuous stream of motorcycles was making its way up and down the street and being more obnoxious than is really necessary. They drowned out the good Cuban band playing live across the street, and this was a particular insult. I hate that we have made, through the "wonders of technology", so many ugly, noisy things. The world needs more trombones and pianos and big, booming orchestras; not motorcycles and trucks.

Perhaps I'm just biased.

After dinner we made cookies and I convinced him to stay another night. We laughed over some silly things on the internet and then decided to crash early, still feeling relatively plague-ish.

Let me tell you something that awes me about Chuck.

Most people, when I'm crabby, will get the worst of me- at those times I am easily aggravated and notoriously short-fused. But somehow with the boy I'll start out on a crabby binge...and end up laughing my ass off two minutes later when I realize how ridiculous I am. And he's the same way.

My sides ache. I've laughed so hard this weekend it'll take me a month to recover.

But back to the story...

So, instead of actually going to bed, we talked, I showed him my box of pictures, we ranted about political causes. When we finally fell asleep it was nearly 2 am.

Chuck woke up with the full-fledged plague; I took echinacea last night and feel fine, if not a little touchy and achy. I did offer Chuck some echinacea, before you judge, but he refused. In lieu of leaving, he stayed. Until 3, when he took off to make a rehearsal at 4.

So that was me, this weekend. Crazy, drunk, hilarious, sick, talkative, lazy, playful, mischevious, attentive. Maybe you can see why I haven't had much time to blog...I apologize if you've missed me. I probably miss you too.

But I wouldn't give up this weekend for anything. And yes, the sex was fantastic too.