Sunday, April 10, 2005

tales of interest

Weekly now on Buddha Stew will be a "What the Fuck, Texas?" feature. The first official post is a billboard by the freeway near my apartment. To me it looks like they were going to maybe, you know, put up some explanatory text next to the toilet, but went on lunch break and never...came...back.

Since it seems to be open season for "What the Fuck, Texas?" you get a bonus two posts:
The Area Woman Pees on Author's Car story, and the infamous picture of the Texan that caused the HRC to fold, with a heave and a sigh, and a "fuck this shit, I'm moving to Canada!"

Please check out my new link on the blogroll, Ugly Juice. Excellent use of Onion-style headlines.

Plans for my summer vacation:
-Road trip to CA with the Ugly Chuckling, followed by a road trip to New Orleans for the ITF. Drunken haze ensues while geeking out with fellow trombonists.
-Work at a pool in Plano (oh, Christ, that commute again), teach trombone lessons and various summer band camps.
-Visit T & A in Rice Lake, WI. Drunken haze ensues while getting a righteous sunburn on a boat in a lake in northern Wisconsin.
-Visit New York/Long Island, successfully see Dennis and Marisa wed. Drunken haze ensues while celebrating love and happiness.
-Move to Denton, work ass off to rock auditions at UNT.

Also, Tim and Allison came over last night. We had a good time.