Monday, April 04, 2005

madlibs madness

Description of Wedding
The dirty wedding yesterday afternoon between honkin' Sandy Hyman and her groom, Phil McCracken, was carried off harmonically. The bride wore a long gimungous hymen-remover with phallic eding and a cubist neckline. At the end of the fucking ceremony, there wasn't a dry crock rocket in the place. Later, at the reception, the bride's mother said, "The groom is a grandious man, just the type of trouser-snake we wanted for our melismatic daughter." The pornographic couple left midst a flurry of penultimate congratulations, to spend a Jesus-rific honeymoon visiting hungry, hungry hippos in Lake Redneck. They are sure to live lustily for many years.

[I give that one the award for the most effective mix of both sexual innuendos/slang and erudite musical terminology.]