Monday, August 29, 2005

the door creaks, a girl's head cautiously appears in the quiet room

*picks up blog, brushes off dust*


So, it's been a particular busy month, and the blogging has been nonexistent, for which I apologize. In the past three weeks I have:

Spiffified my house, taught band camp, taught lessons, practiced, lifeguarded, auditioned, been orientated, examinated, and registrated, and have successfully arrived as a student at the University of North Texas.

I have an ID and everything! I had my first class this morning! It's all so exciting!

Actually, mostly I'm just overwhelmed. The ID was the first indication that something went right, the premier step in a process that was actually quite painless (Jason had told me repeatedly his struggles with registration and basic administrative stuff, but miraculously, I escaped most of the hassles). Now all that is left for me to do is settle into the routine and make myself a better trombone player.

My audition was passable- not fantastic- but alright. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and I still feel my best playing is two years behind me, so I'm here to be taught, teach, learn, practice, and improve. Not necessarily impress right off the bat. Save that for inclusion in the above verbs. I am still waiting to hear in which studio I have been placed. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's Jan's.

I have met some cool new people, caught up with the ones I already know, and readied myself for a rocking year of housemate funtime with Jason and Chuck. We are still looking for a third roommate, but I suppose if we don't find one I'm okay with paying rent. It means we get a study/library/practice room, and that makes us cool.

Sad things: Tim and Allison are so far away. UNT is nothing like Madison. Texas is hot and my patio/backyard projects are nowhere near completion. The backspace key on this university computer lab keyboard is so pitifully small that my right wrist is pitching a tendonicular fit. My teeth hurt, suggesting that a trip the dentist is inevitable and also, most likely, ridiculously expensive.

But, I must bid you adieu for now, as my audition for placement in the prestigious UNT Lab Bands quickly approaches. I promise I will return soon and with thrilling stories of graduate school. Consider in my absence the genius that is Dinosaur Comics.