Monday, September 12, 2005

it's all about ME!

Week three of school has started and all is going, for the most part, fairly well. It is going to be a challenging semester, trombone-wise, but for once I feel up to it. I'm in JK's studio, which is fabulous. Already she's given me more to work on in a week than Bill ever did in a year. Two etudes, three excerpts, one page of a solo, and tunes in all twelve keys. I'm out of shape and my wrist hurts from practicing so much, but I'm on my way to awesome.

The academic parts so far have been a mixed bag. My theory class is run by a veritable wealth of knowledge, Dr Cho, and there's a lot to learn. It's almost more of a history class...and it's definitely a nice wake-up call from theory at UW Madison. My other class is Form Analysis, which I have been previously quoted as saying I need a support group for. It's an 8 am class, an hour and a half long, necessary for my degree but not for any sort of graduate credit (don't ask if you don't want a lengthy angry rant), and pretty much the biggest snoozefest I've ever been involved in, and that's counting Archaealogy 102 at Madison. Basically we could be learning a lot of practical analysis, but mostly we're just listening to our professor struggle with words.

Those two classes are both at 8, so I have four days of early classes followed by Friday, the day I drive back down to Dallas to teach lessons. I have to leave at ass o'clock and on the way home fight traffic. My students are good this year, and it's not really that much of a pain to get down there, it just takes a long time.

Okay. nothing else to report. You should call me. Hang out verbally. Maybe physically if you can find it in your heart, budget, and schedule to come visit. I've got beer.