Wednesday, September 28, 2005

old friends, new gigs

Last night I saw the awesomely awesome kick-ass Chris McGann play/march/dance/drum/visual effectifize with Blast. On top of getting to see a friend have a real gig and be somewhat of a celebrity, I really enjoyed the show.

Chris is going to come and see us this weekend in Denton and party. It'll be just like last October only we won't have to drive anywhere or walk across the street to the Chilis.

The show was in Fort Worth, which seemed like it had a cool little downtown area. Nice buildings, clean streets, and some sense of civic pride. Much different than Dallas. And, free parking! And, much closer to Denton!

Unrelated: In my lesson yesterday I surpassed all my previous standards and performed the ABSOLUTE BEST I have ever played. This makes up tenfold for the myriad frustrations and annoyances that the COM at UNT dumps upon me daily.

Maybe one of these days I'll have a bitchin' gig too.