Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm going to step up on my high horse here and make what might, to some people, sound like a pretty snotty statement.

I hereby resolve to avoid/disencourage/outright ignore contacts with people who are emotionally, mentally, and responsibly less mature than I outside of teacher/student relations. This includes people who may approach my age and/or status. This means I will discourage making colleagues of people who still have room to grow. I will not be mean or indifferent, I will mentor, but I will not befriend.

In my opinion, I have worked far too hard for people to drag me back down.

Case in point, this weekend I have dealt with an irresponisible freshman, someone who acts like a freshman, and a freshman who can socially keep up with graduate students. Who comes off in the best light?

1. Don't agree to be in a group, ditch, and then refuse to take action to find your replacement. Don't act like a baby about what you think you are and are not responsible for doing. I will contact the proper parties needed to kick your ass if you won't respect mine.

2. When you come to my house, behave. Behavior at my house has very few stipulations (meaning, you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as there is respect there), but one of them is not yelling at other party guests or sullenly and rudely protesting things everyone else wants to do. "Life does not start and stop at your convenience, Donny." Follow the ground rules, and you will be accepted with open arms.

3. Keep visiting, but don't get quite so drunk in front of your girl. I think maybe you're thinking too hard about it. Thanks for being open-minded and respectful of our politics, as we will continue to be of yours.

[There ends my somewhat harsh, perhaps too self-congratulatory rant, which is not something I'm sure I'm good at or even justified in doing. Sweet.]