Monday, December 26, 2005

final wrap-up

Tomorrow I fly back to the land of trucks and soul-lessness leaving behind my parent's sunny paradise, free food, and the people with "save the planet" and "keep tahoe blue" bumperstickers. Time to start practicing trombone again, decide what the hell I'm doing for New Year's (if only I had the money and car power for a trip to Madison), and snuggle up with my kitties. Painting projects and maybe some yard work, should the weather permit, are also on the docket. Perhaps not as much internet time. Our dial-up has been cowering weak-kneed before the tyrannical regime of Verizon phone services for about three weeks with all signs of rebellion crushed under the fuzzy dialtone of monopoly.

At any rate, I'm spending my last evening in San Diego wreaking havoc on one (maybe both) of the two bars in Rancho Bernardo with Jonny and Katie, and maybe it'll turn into some sort of tradition.

And what, you aren't listening to Andrew Bird? You silly little music infidel. Amend your foolish and sinful ways right this instant!