Thursday, March 02, 2006

this must be thursday

What an ass-kicking day! As in, this day is kicking my ass.

Today I:
-took a brass pedagogy test that was really very easy but was long long long.
-turned in a paper on Monteverdi's fourth book of madrigals that I may have done some lazy research on, but oh well.
-sucked a lot at my sightsinging test. I have no idea why. It was super easy: scale patterns. I just couldn't keep my mind on it. This was very discouraging as Jan keeps telling me I have very good ears and I've been practicing and practicing for months learning how to "hear" music as I read it, but...argh.

For later:
-A lesson, which should be okay but requires more mental energy than I have.
-Lab band, followed by sectional, ditto to above.
-A recital to attend
-A late night dress rehearsal for Ross and Chris's conducting recital. Which will be awesome, and you should come (Sunday Recital Hall, 5 pm).

And tomorrow:
-Teaching. Because I love it so.
-Trombone choirs collective concert. 8 pm Concert hall.

And Saturday:

I think I should go abroad for my doctorate. Everywhere is so much cooler than the States. Suggestions?