Wednesday, February 08, 2006

good thing i don't have to pass any crazy juries this semester

Because I have had waaaay too little time to practice. Last week the musical I was hired to do took up all my evenings and a good chuck of my weekend, and this week between academic stuff and doing research on new and used cars, plus playing in the Syndicate with the Four (tonight! 10:30), plus my mom coming to visit and teaching both Monday and Friday...well, arrrrgh. Jan wants me to play in dept on March 1st already. Just the first movement of the Larsson, which should be no sweat, but still.

I did get to write a fun little paper on the Beatles' "A Day in the Life" for Intro to Music Research. I like that class, because I think I could be quite good at musicology if I had the time.

New car: Honda Civic or Scion xA? I like the Scions but I ain't turning down a Civic. Saturday is the day of truth.

I met some fun people last Saturday. I hope to hang out with them again!

It is February. I am staying on my best behavior and hoping that things don't crash down around me like they usually do this time of year. One year ago I saw Ani in concert, but also got (sort of) dumped, played terribly at my UM audition and was lonely to boot. March brought beer and good times. Here's to March!

My mommy's here in two days!