Tuesday, February 14, 2006

my new friend

Two weeks ago my good, faithful car, the Elephant Dynamite (a sassy beige Ford Contour) broke down on my way home from Dallas. On Saturday I said goodbye to this car o' mine- travel companion on trips various including Wisconsin, California, Michigan and Texas. It did a good job, and it's not its fault it was made with shoddy American car manufacturing.

But my mom was in town, so she helped me find a new set of wheels. Meet my wee little car, the Zip, the Vroom, the various other names that have not yet stuck:

Pretty sweet! For the price of a used Honda Civic, too- and the dealer took ED (for a $1000! can you believe it!) from me to give to a new good home. The Scion is awesome in so many ways, plus I get to be one of the few on the road with such a cool car. Great sound system, excellent handling, pretty, and sexy to boot. Now I just need a name- your suggestions?

(Chris: It's not pink, but I didn't have much choice in that matter. However, I did program the stereo to say "Cheers, Fuckface!" whenever I turn the car on. :)