Monday, January 30, 2006


My car wet the bed, pooped itself, and then vomited up the remains of lunch on Friday, meaning I've already spent a fair chunk of cash on it and am likely to spend more if I don't just call it in and go for a new (used) vehicle. Goddammit. I hate having to rely on a car. Where's my public transportation? Better yet, where are my mo'fuckin' bike lanes?!?

All this after I got a sweet gig that now I have to borrow a car every night this week to get to, plus getting down to Dallas to teach will prove interesting. Also picking up my mom from the airport next weekend.

Anyway. I'm frustrated. Mostly with how upset I get about this and how these kinds of shitty things seem to bring up all the bile I have about other things in Texas and my life in general that I usually just ignore or generally don't mind when things are going smoothly. Why? I should just deal. But now I'm angry and I want to break things.

So that brings me to another point. What should I do with this blog? I hate writing about my personal troubles and/or uninteresting school updates, but lately that's all I've been able to do. No funny stories, no political rants, no deep observations about life. Is anyone still reading? Is it time for a break? I think it might be. Leave me a comment if you care to. Otherwise- maybe I'll see you in real life sometime.