Tuesday, January 17, 2006

semester numero dos

Hello and welcome back to UNT update time! School started again today for spring semester. I'm taking three classes: Brass Pedagogy and Repetoire, Intro to Research in Music, and Aural Skills. Wee! So far I like them all, although my brass ped prof managed to touch a feminist nerve already.

I'm playing in the chamber orchestra again: second trombone on Mendelsohnn 5 "Reformation" and Schubert 8 "Unfinished"- both of which I'm looking forward to contigent upon the string section actually giving a damn this time around. Good god were they awful for the opera. Love Schubert 8. Love it.


I made fifth book in the 4 O'Clock Lab Band. Holy hot shit!

Taking the top trombone choir audition tonight, although I haven't looked much at the music. So that'll probably be a no go- which is not a big deal to me. The top choir is a lot of work and I'd rather just chill.

Speaking of which, having passed my juries and been officially accepted and all that- I'm looking forward to a semester where I can get some real progress done without the specter of failure hanging over my head. I think that'll help...a lot.

Business as usual, after that. I'm off to go shed the trombone choir audition music.