Sunday, May 21, 2006

it's nice to veg, but man am i broke

I've been doing a fair amount of sitting on my ass, working outside in the garden, and sneaking into the pool at the apartment complex down the street in the last two weeks to merit official summer status. What I really need is some income. Quitting teaching is good- I definitely need a break- but that doesn't mean I can do nothing at all. So I put in some applications at The Cupboard, Panera, and two different lifeguarding jobs. Originally I had thought I was burned out on lifeguarding, getting too old for the new crop of teens that works the pools every summer, but then I spent some time at the pool myself and remembered that it really is the best summer job EVER. Sun, water, kids to make fun of, usually pretty high pay, and plenty of time to exercise and enjoy being outside.

So here's hoping. Denton has one or two public pools, one of them being the Denton WaterWorks, a little four-slide waterpark not more than five minutes from my house (possibly a 15 minute bike ride, another alluring possibility). Either way, I need to update both my CPR and my Lifeguarding, but that's no sweat.

Oh, but summer. I love you so. Countdown to birthday begins now!