Saturday, April 08, 2006

literally, my fifteen minutes of fame

Listen to KNTU 88.1 The One on Tuesday night at 7 pm and you will hear my glorious bass tromboning with the Four O'Clock Lab Band! You can listen on the radio if you are local or you can stream it if you are not!

It is Lab Band Madness. All of the nine bands are performing, in random order (except for the 1,2, and 3- so the 4's goal is to be the best of the unnamed bands). Even though we are not allowed to say which lab band is performing I will tell you that we go right at 7- we open the show! Should be a huge chaotic concert, but perhaps you can enjoy some of the sounds of my monstrous low range.

I am just kidding about that part. It is only a baby monster, not all grown up and sexy like Jason's! I will do my best, if you promise to listen!