Sunday, April 30, 2006

oh, your usual miscellaneous things post

Can't remember the last name of the guy who hired me to work at HCW two summers ago. No listed on the webpage either. Although looking at the pictures I remembered what a fun job that was. Good times, good people.

The reasone I need his last name is that I am applying to work at The Cupboard for the summer. It is an awesome place, even if I did wish they had more produce and cheese. Maybe I can change that!

Lots of yardwork today. Front and back yard mowed and semi-weeded. Veggie garden weeded and new plants mulched (Peppers! onions!). Sunburnt on shoulders, whoops!

Am on page four of my trombone history paper, which means procrastinating is overdue. It's not due until Tuesday and I have all day tomorrow- no more recitals! no more lessons and very few classes! Summer is almost upon us!- but it's good I've got this strong a start. Easy paper- not like the one due next week. Argh, research. Slowly rethinking my secondary musicology field and leaning back toward conducting again. Might be more useful. Still, I am fond of Illari and would like him to be on my committee...argh.

Things left in the semester:
1. Brass ped projects, Paper and literature/methods survey: Tuesday classtime.
2. Performance jury: Wed 5/3 at 9:50 am. Should be cake this year! Hurray. Edit: Was good! :)
4. Presentation on final music research paper, Porgy and Bess reception history: Thursday classtime. Edit: Totally winged it. DIdn't come out half bad though, and got some better idea of what to narrow in on for my paper.
5. Lab band recording: Wed at 3. Hopefully the last meeting of this lab band. Edit: Turning in charts today, Thursday. Argh.
6. Tune jury: Thursday 4:30. Much work left to be done before I can pass that.
7. Teaching: Friday all day. Please pay me, students, before I am forced to sell your kidneys on the black market.
8. Final paper due: Thursday 5/11 at classtime.

Edit Thursday 5/4: Three things left. Summer, I can taste you and you are sweeee-eet!

So you see, once I get past Friday all that is left is this paper, which really won't be so bad, but you know how it goes.

Feeling kinda....weird lately. Unsettled but at the same time perfectly content in my location. I think it might be time for a trip home to CA but I'm not sure if I'll be able to financially manage that. I'm getting anxious to know where I'll be settling next, even if it's at least a year away, maybe more. Tim and Al are leaving for good. Texas doesn't have pretty. Not really. Not California pretty. Not Wisconsin pretty. The lack of it is wearing. At the same time I am happy with my veggie garden and my yardwork, with my house and with my school. Torn between the need to move on to a better place and the desire to stop feeling so transient, I am struggling with some weird emotional stuff too. Hard to explain and overly complicated. Things might change soon? I don't know.

Anyway, there you have it. My boring blog!