Friday, April 21, 2006

earth day is every day!

Tomorrow is Chuck's recital and a studio class for me, plus papers, research, practicing...arrrrrgh! so I'm leaving you with some tidbits today while I'm still sane enough to procrastinate.

*The Eat Local Challenge! Become a part of the solution to our increasing reliance on imported and mass-produced foods by trying local for a month- you can try foods within a hundred miles like these folks, or make up your own designation. For me, in my limited farming region, it will probably be foods only from Texas and Oklahoma (OK in its totality is closer than some parts of Texas!), and exceptions for eating out with friends or items I already have. Here are some guidlines for eating well, and here is another challenge website. Can you do it? Farmer's markets are springing up and so are peas, onions, zucchini and radishes in my own backyard! Also, Local Harvest can help you find good stuff nearby.

*Go vegetarian! Ask Chuck, he just did.

*Get out your angry eyes- here's something to fire off a nasty email about: Midas just rewarded a man for driving over 300 miles on his DAILY commute. I just sent mine. Contact addresses are at the bottom of the page.

*Plant a tree!