Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i quit!

I was supposed to teach today, but I never made it there. Why? The freeway in Denton was backed up- it took me nearly an hour to even get past into Corinth, no end in sight, and it was already 9 by that point with a student at 9:30. Everytime I do this on the drive to Mesquite I think angrily about all the reasons I don't want to do this job any more.

[lists! May 17th is angry lists day!]
1. My students don't practice, don't care, and most don't pay me on time or enough.
2. The high school is run contrary to my teaching beliefs and there's not a ounce of room for discussion or friendly banter, it seems.
3. The drive is way too long, coincides with traffic jams in both directions, and wastes gas, plus the wear and tear on my car.
4. I don't have enough students to really justify the trip, especially not this summer.
5. I hate spending that much time away from home, being so far away from home, and being subjected to surburbia and bland everywhere I look.

It's decision time. I've been trying to get some new students for summer but so far no one's called back, and only about four of my current students want to take lessons this summer. If that's all I have, it ain't worth it. I'll get another job in Denton if I have to. Stay nearby and have a flexible schedule. Ride my bike. Enjoy playing trombone instead of feeling like I'm cramming it down some kid's throat. And come fall? I might not teach at all, if I have a job that's easy/flexible enough to still allow me practice time. I certainly won't teach in Mesquite any more. I have three or so kids I will miss, because I love teaching them. But three kids isn't enough for job satisfaction.

Hell, I'll take a crappy school if it's close to here, and I'll take good kids about as far away, but not both. Anybody out there who can help with that?