Tuesday, June 06, 2006

time for some new tunes

My listening library needs some dusting off and good new additions. Since I'm technically broke I need to do this free- or at least on the cheap. Anyone wanna start a mixed CD swap?

The theme would be: Are These Songs Filled with Unintended Meanings?. Inspired by the posts at Pandagon here and here. Basically, somebody with a Low Irony Meter came up with a list of top conservative rock songs- which might be possible but sure seems daunting- but the thing is he used groups like U2 and The Dead Kennedys. Waaa? Check it out for yourself, and you'll see what I mean.

The rules are:
Send me an email with your name and address, saying you are participating. The deadline to email me is June 13th (one week). That day, I'll compile all the addresses and send them out to each participant so you can make and send that many CDs. Go on the cheap here- hell, I don't even need a CD case. Just a simple paper wrapper'll do.
Make a mixed CD of songs that could be interpreted in completely the wrong way (if it's a song with a liberal viewpoint, explain how a conservative would see it, and vice versa. If it's not a religious song but could be taken that way, or vice versa you get the drift). They don't have to be rock songs- anything'll do.
Explain in writing why you picked those songs.
Make x number of copies.
Enjoy the rewards.

Who's a go?