Saturday, August 12, 2006

for a minute there i lost myself, i lost myself

Man, I was driving to and from the bank today with the best post in my head. It was funny, it was sage, it had all the bells and whistles---

And then Kristopher called and invited me to IKEA. I didn't have anytime to wait for my slow-ass computer to boot up, connect to the internet, and allow me to even begin to outline the entry.

Well, I did get to go to IKEA.

Let's play a game! Guess which item Lorn got for free from IKEA?

I purchased:
2 small throw pillows $.99 each
A large-as-fuck wooden cutting board (that I left in the back of K's car- dammit!)$9.99
A whisk $4.99
An ice tray that makes ice shaped like puzzle piece $1.99

My total was $15.11 (1.15 tax).

IKEA: Free whisk with purchase! Wee!
My cat is a rock star.

Last night, during 80s Fantasy Movie Night, Gatsby and Nik were doing their customary chase sequence. Nik went careening around a chair, but Gatsby, clever cat that he is, decided to go over the chair instead. Well, that's what it looked like. In reality he did one of those Fred Astaire kind of dance moves where you hit the chair, it totters, you pose with your feet on each side of it while it considers which side gravity is arguing for strongest. After a second or two it chooses 'fall over' and you skip off having done the Ultimate Cool Chair Dance Manuever (tm).

Only, Gatsby didn't look so cool. Instead he stood, hackles raised, on the fallen chair, and then bolted off in fear. I have this theory that cats think their whole world is stable. Everything within jumping distance is stable. Until it's not. Then they get that hurt, confused look that says 'what just happened to my perfect world? oh mercy me!'

They do, however, know full well when something is in prime position for being batted off something else. Commence chaos!

Why am I so offended by the whole Chick-Fil-A schtick? It just bugs the crap out of me. 'Eat more chicken' says the cow in the apron, but really, is that the way we want our farm animals to interact? Oh, it's cute and all, that cow wants us to eat more chicken so that cows are saved, and hee hee, animals are funny.

It just really gets to me. Really. On top of the fact that I can't eat there, not that I want to because ick, fast food, it's just...okay, it's fair, I don't like advertising in general. Or chains. Except for IKEA and Target and Chipotle and the Gap. Shit.

Is instant messaging past its prime, or am I?

I haven't signed onto AIM in a while, mostly because I always forget at home and by the time I remember I'm ready to get offline anyway, or because I'm in the computer lab at school and I won't be there long enough to converse with someone.

It just seems like, long ago in the glory days of ICQ (my user name was Enjolrasse, and I was a nerdy-nerd), I would have all these long, hilarious, heart-felt conversations with people like Hans and Jon and Megan. I used to print them out for later, and I would read them at night before I went to bed, laughing. I had something Hans told me, a nice quote, taped on the wall above my homework desk. When I started using AIM more, it wasn't much different.

I just remember....salmon hats! Pfft! and oh man, it was so easy to flirt.

Maybe I'm just out of my element now, but I miss the little cat that would show up in the ICQ logo when you ran you mouse over it.

80s Fantasy Movie Night was fabulous, by the way. We got through The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth before the majority of people took off, and then Leah, Heather, Kristopher and I watched The Neverending Story, which is really a story about nothing in particular. Just a series of montages.

Rules for 80s Fantasy Movies:
1. The Castle/Mountain/Fantastic World/Evil Dwelling must crumble at the climax of the film.
2. There must be a traveling montage.
3. Dance sequences are optional but strongly recommended.
4. One of the ensemble cast has to be a whiny, yet perky, child. Coming-of-age in a meaningful manner is optional.
5. One or both parents of above child must be recently deceased or piteously absent.
6. Seriously, everyone did some sort of hard drug in the 80s. Even the muppets:

Rules for the Labyrinth:
1. David Bowie's crotch gets more air time than his face.

Set up your own 80s Fantasy Movie Night! It's fun!