Saturday, September 16, 2006

crazy shit happens, i deal with it calmly (sorta)

So today was yardwork day for me. The front yard here at Skelton House has been perking up of late, seemingly due to the rain we've gotten. I went out to mow the shiny new green grass only to discover that it was still wet, so I put the mower down and started weeding. Round about the time I made it over to the house's water connection, I noticed that things were getting awfully swampy. Grass was coming out of the mulch easily because of the soft earth, but something was definitely wrong.

And then I realized that the whole yard was soggy, not just wet from dew. It was genuinely, really-truly full of water.

Great, a plumbing leak. How long has that been going on?

City of Denton comes, checks it out, tells me that I'm running a half a gallon of water a minute (holy shit, that's going to hurt on the next bill), and turns off the water. The guy gets a pump and we start suctioning water out of the hole where the valve is, and eventually discover that the connection between pipes has split and is spewing water everywhere.

Apparently this has been happening around here a lot lately, which means either shitty craftmanship, shitty Texas soil, or both.

Luckily, everything's under warranty. Two hours later the plumber is digging a huge hole o' mud out of the ground and fixing the pipe.

Hurray for home-ownership!!!

And then I cleaned EVERYTHING.

First I started with the kitchen. I did my dishes. I took everything off the counters and washed those. I cleaned the stove top and the microwave. I emptied the toaster of crumbs. I rearranged the counters and got rid of everything extraneous that's been collecting there over the past year. I swept and mopped the floor.

Then I picked up in the living room and my room and vacuumed, with an empty and much happier vacuum cleaner than the previous, chock-full-of-dust vacuum cleaner.

Let's see how long that lasts.

At the grocery store, Clif Bars were ten for ten dollars. I bought a lot of them.

And chips, and veggies, and preparations for my delicious breakfast party tomorrow, to which Kristopher and Ross are invited and you if you ask nicely.

And...Evangelion. Lord, I love the Japanese.