Monday, November 06, 2006

medicine head

This afternoon I was just waiting around for death to come, but since it didn't, I got up to go and sub for a friend in 8 O'Clock Lab Band.

Meaning...I had such bad coughing fits today that I threw up what little has been in my stomach all day, and when I found some sudafed hiding in my bathroom drawer I was so excited I nearly yelled aloud. I'm feverish and achy and all around grumpy. My apologies to the folks who came over last night to watch V for Vendetta who likely breathed in my noxious sick vapors all evening...but it was still a good time, right?

(The thunderstorm was perfectly timed to some of the scenes in the movie and made the whole experience that much more effective! Plus, it was a good crowd. I think I miss having people over at my house more often)

Now I'm going back home to wait around for death some more, but I'm starting to think he's stood me up. Bah. You can't trust men.