Friday, November 03, 2006

northward bound?

My parents are looking at property in Lyons, Oregon. It's a little town about 30 minutes east of Salem and south somewhat of Portland. For about a third of what our house in San Diego is worth, they can have three bedrooms, a FIVE car garage, and property on a river near a state park.

Do I want them to go?


Part of me is really hoping they take this opportunity because...that's just really cool. I mean, on top of Oregon being one of the most beautiful places I've ever been it's also somewhere new to get acquainted with. It's the kind of change I'm craving.

Of course it means selling the house where I grew up, and losing a connection (not to mention a free place to stay) in San Diego, a city that means quite a lot to me in terms of home. It means to go there I would go as a tourist. It means knowing that I wouldn't get to see the ocean crash over the rocks at La Jolla Cove once a year and wake up to the brilliant red of the bouganvilla against the blue arch of sky outside my window. It means breathing in a different kind of air- mountain air, not ocean winds- and coming up with a new concept of home.

I could go on for hours and convince myself that leaving San Diego would be a terrible travesty for me, but I don't want to really. There's too much possibility in this change for me to hold against it. Mind you, this is all speculation on my parents' part. I doubt they'll do it.

But I wish they would.