Sunday, November 26, 2006

that's'll grow out, right?

For those of you who don't see me in person on a regular basis, you might not know that I cut my own hair. I started doing this while still dating C, and watching him cut his hair I often thought, 'I could totally do this.' The first time was very hard and I know I had to have him fix the back after I fucked it up (I may have quoted Fry from Futurama: "Fix it fix it fix it fix itfixitfixitfixit!!!").

Since then I've gotten varying degrees of better at cutting different parts of my hair, although each time something never seems to go just quite right. One time I'll do a great job on the back, but square off the sides so much I look like I should be one of the boys on the Cosby show, the next time I'll do an awesome job on my bangs but chop a healthy triangle out of my neckline. Regardless, my efforts to leave it somewhat longish and full usually fail because I end up having to overcorrect so much it gets shorter and shorter with each fix.

I've been lazy lately, and even though I needed a haircut rather badly, I put it off because I was toying with the idea of growing my hair out. Nevertheless, the little trailers in my ears and the encroaching threat of mullet prompted me to finally pull out the scissors and go to work this morning.

Being as growing short hair out entails allowing the hair on top to catch up in level with the hair on the bottom, I was trying to keep away from cutting too much of the floppy mess on the top of my head. Which meant that I sort of overcompensated with the sides and the neckline, leaving myself with both the aforementioned Cosby show hairtower and the choppy line on the nape of my neck. I also mananged to cut my bangs a little too short and straight, giving the overall effect of having put a bowl on my head and trimmed around it.

Yeah, it probably doesn't look that bad...and I'm used to the first two weeks or so post self-managling being a little awkward. After all, it's hair, and it grows, and it tends to correct itself if you've managed to doing anything atrocious to it. And anyway, I could be paying someone to give me a bad haircut, instead of giving myself one for free!

In the meantime, it's 'growing out' season, which means at some point I'll look like Prince Valiant again, and then you are more than welcome to mock me with reckless abandon.