Friday, November 24, 2006

too much fun

It has been a pretty awesome, random week so far, and it only promises more entertainment in the future.

Saturday I went with a group of people to the last football game at UNT, and we tailgated. We never actually made it to the game, and instead wound up climbing on top of one of the practice buildings and throwing shit around. I lost hardcore at speed quarters later in the evening and wound up asleep on KC's couch.

Tuesday I worked at the One O'Clock Lab Band concert (featuring Wayne Bergeron...Christ Crackers!) and went to the reception afterward at which they were practically throwing beer at people. Not that you have to, at a jazzer party. Gabe and I stopped in at Sweetwater to say hello to our bosses and managed to stay for some more pitchers, all of which were paid for at the end of the evening by the big bosses. And then...the party, at which a very hammered Wayne totally checked out my breasts. Jason and I ended up leaving at about 5:30 in the morning after we'd cashed the alcohol, and since he drove me home and needed to drop me off at my car the next day before departmental, I woke up to his smiling face next to me in bed saying "hey baby, time to get up now."

And last night, C and I cooked up enough food for a small army, ate what we could, watched The Shining and then played Soul Caliber II. After a short adventure to some random party, I joined my friend BW back at my house and we drank and talked until 6:30 in the that logs in a good 14 hours of drinking for that round, making the total about 30 hours for the week. Man, if only I could get paid for that!

I think last night was my favorite. I haven't managed to stay up that late talking in a long time, and it's even more fun when it's a new friend you're just getting to know. It's the sort of thing I need more of in my life, and I'm thankful for it when it happens.

There's your t-day cheese from me! heh!