Sunday, November 25, 2007

occupation, lack of it, living alone, cats, tv, capes made from blankets, grilled cheese

(A list of things, not so random, that have taken up space in my brain lately)

I've had the week off from most everything, being literally in between jobs. My new one starts tomorrow, a fact for which I am quite grateful. Not only am I flat broke, I'm also flat bored and flat unambitious.

Don't get me wrong, it was nice to take some time to sit on my biscuit and waste time. But that also means that my motivation for doing things that need to get done, i.e. researching, quintet stuff, practicing trombone, etc., is woefully slim. On top of that, living alone has made me into the world's worst housekeeper, and the piles of things that need attending to reached some interesting proportions this week. That rotting smell in my house? Emanated from a bag of trash I left by the back door and never bothered to actually take out to the bin. Those piles of clothes in my room? Span from laundry I never hung up two weeks ago to things I put on, decided I didn't want to wear, and put on the table instead of hanging back up. And that cat litter issue? Let's...not go there.

I need a roommate. I really need to save the money, regardless of the luxury of walking around half naked, leaving dishes in the sink for days, and having my personal effects scattered wherever I felt the need to drop them. I hope I can adjust should the heavens smile and grant me someone with $500/mo and utilities to spare.

Cats. Other people's cats, meh. My cats? Awesome. The only complaint? I think my back is self-destructing because of the effort of sleeping around two cats who insist on moving toward the middle of the bed gradually as the night progresses. I walk up contorted, sideways on the bed, and cold because the majority of the extra blanket falls under the surface area of two very greedy, very long and stretchy, felines.

But they're nice to curl up with, especially when all the factors for Extreme Laziness are in play and I've just received two discs of season 4 of the Gilmore Girls and have all afternoon to kill watching them. Kitty 1 takes the place by my back, and Kitty 2 wraps around the laptop looking sweet and edible. They swap places occasionally.

Of course, 7 solid hours of Gilmore Girls means I'll stumble out of that coma like a drunk stumbles out of an alleyway, a blanket draped over me like a cloak. The words spilling out of my mouth will make little sense but I will find them hilarious nevertheless. I will call a friend and babble. I am not insane. Yet.

And no matter how much other, more reasonably healthy and perishable food I have in the kitchen, I will make sure to grill at least two cheese sandwiches and then spill tea all over myself, because I am amazing.

So amazing.