Sunday, December 12, 2004

a link that'll hopefully work, and a weekend

Been meaning to post this, because it's awesome and no one's ever made me feel like it's quite so cool to be me, but I've been either busy or unable to access the internet due to the vast amounts of sex my roommate is having these days.

Anyway: Katie tells me why I rock. I am extremely flattered and a little embarrassed, but in an extraordinarily good way. It's mine turn to do it, which I will get to soon. Livejournal memes. So sexy. I owe Hans one as well.

So I had (am having?) one of those ridiculous and somewhat random fun weekends that generally make me pretty happy. A fun date on Friday. Hanging out with Jason most of yesterday. We went to The Women's Museum downtown, which ended up being pretty friggin' rad. I enjoyed the exhibit on First Ladies, but the best part was the big wall of random facts and histories and silly stories about women. Gorgeous building too. I'll have to go back when they change their main exhibit.

We got some dinner and played duets, loudly, because really you can't miss the opportunity to get back at your roommate for loud sex with excerpts from Tchaikovsky. At least I can't. At any rate, Jason makes my bass trombone sound so much better than I ever can. I will admit to being jealous of this fact.

Caught the last half of Jamie's show (my friend from Friday), which was pretty killer despite his trying to pass it off as nothing special. Afterward we joined him and his friends at a local place and were highly amused. Very funny people. All from the Midwest, swoon. I was impressed particularly by their friendliness- most people in groups of people they're comfortable with will tend to ignore the newbies, but not these folks.

Back at my place Jason and I did what we do best: drank vodka and talked about everything under the sun. And this morning we escaped the apartment, giggling, for Denny's because of...more loud sex.