Saturday, February 19, 2005

the horns of a dilemma

Hmm, asked to play a gig, randomly, tonight. Promised Allison and Tim we'd go out and get drunk. Gig is in Deep Ellum, which is where we were going anyway. Go out still and then play gig afterward? Make $50 to pay for drinks and gas? Possibility of future paying gigs? Fighting urge to just stay home forever because of being abominably tired of driving 3,000 miles to get anywhere in this damn town? Want to go to bed and sleep until phlegmy crappiness has completely evacuated my body and my head is clear again? Not to mention three days permanent headache I can't shake?

Precisely 7 days until Minnesota audition. Can't wait, actually. I have a shitload of work to do for it but I think it'll go well. I hope it'll go well. Plus I get to be out of Texas for a weekend, and in a place that is both sane and friendly.

Poteet High played Profanation well, but without feeling. I's a hard piece to pull off technically without having to add musicality on top of it. But RB still did it better. Go us.