Friday, December 30, 2005

texas vacation routine

I've settled into a nice little schedule since I returned home. Since I am all alone- and will be until after New Year's- it is up to me to find good uses of my time. Sometimes they are not so good uses, but oh well. It's vacation, right? There's nothing really I need to get accomplished, other than practicing regularly and doing some domestic chores and projects.

The kitties are rejoicing in having just me to climb over and snuggle with in bed. What I mean by that is that Nikolai has taken to sleeping next to my head and Gatsby spends the night in the small of my back. Neither of them possesses any inhibition in standing on top of me or stepping on my vital bits (neck, boobs, crotch, face) in order to achieve some other sleeping position. I quite enjoy it, actually. They're good company.

Internet at the house works but is pretty much useless. So a brisk walk to library it is for me! Afterward I'm so pumped up by the fresh air that I've been riding my bike in random directions and discovering new parts of Denton. It's gorgeous outside! Feels like spring, kinda. When I have someone to ride bikes with, I'd like to go up Locust St into the country. Because I live in the country, in a way! Isn't that cool? Texas isn't so bad with sunshine and nice weather. I think I've said that before. Ah well. If you're in town and want to go riding, let me know. I have extra bikes, too!

I've got a gig tomorrow night!

I stayed up all night reading The Kite Runner- you would too, or you have already, if you've read it. It's impossible to put down.

House projects: sanding/stripping the table Anna gave me for my hallway, and then painting it all spiffy-like; repotting some houseplants; putting up decorations in my bathroom; building a cat tree.

Back outside I go!