Monday, June 19, 2006

back from austin, full of vegetarian food

Pictures are up from the trip to Austin.

A roundup:

Friday we had dinner with Chuck's grandmother and uncle, at a veggie restaurant called Mr Natural- veggie/vegan Mexican food. It was pretty good! Afterwards we took on the town with Doyle, Amanda, and Andy, friends of C's from high school. 6th Street was pretty rocking and we toasted and got toasted! A night well rounded.

Saturday we explored the capital building and then went to the Cosmic Cafe, another vegetarian (Indian inspired) place that was absolutely the coolest and yummiest place. I've been to the CC in Dallas but it doesn't live up quite to its Austin sister. Cool ceiling, too. After that we explored Town Lake and spontaneously kayaked! We saw turtles, a funky bird, and grapes. Fell in love with hills and trees all over again.

We ate at a noodle house that wasn't quite as good as we wanted it to be, and then took in a late night showing of Rocky Horror. Good times. There were boobies and transvestites, as there should be, so it was a night well spent.

Sunday morning we went to Mother's Cafe and Garden for brunch, which was good. Veggie restaurant No. 3! Can you believe it? All packed up, we headed north to Georgetown and stopped for a tour of the Inner Space Cavern. It was amazing. I'm still reeling from the experience of being in total darkness- we got to a room where the tour guide turned off the lights and let us see what it felt like. I would have asked if we could do it again but the lady next to me was freaking out about it. I felt badly for her- because for me it was definitely akin to a religious experience.

And then we drove back home. We took some smaller highways for fun and ended up driving through Crawford, Texas, population 706 (plus Cindy Sheehan). No crazy signs to make fun of, so it was kind of a let-down.

Enjoy the pictures!