Thursday, June 15, 2006

hell outta dodge

Chuck and I are off to Austin for the weekend! Austin is home to some kickass bloggers like Twisty Faster, Amanda, and Norbizness, and former home to my favorite of the favorites, Pamie, but since I don't know any of these people nor do I do anything but lurk on their blog sites, I will not be meeting them. Instead I will be indulging in food, beer, and liberal surroundings for what is sure to be a too-short vacation. We will be having dinner with C's grandmother and uncle, drinking with a friend of his from high school, and otherwise just taking on the town. Will it be red when we are finished? That remains to be seen.

If you are in Austin and would like to join us for beers, please do drop a comment.

Adios, smelly DFW!