Wednesday, September 20, 2006

is it still 15 minutes of fame these days, what with teh internets?

We're all famous these days, aren't we? The internet helps us live forever and acheive greatness. I myself am still waiting for the book deal based on my wacky life adventures as originally catalogued here on my blog.

(and why is it that this laptop is claiming that it is 8:26 pm on December 31st, 1969? I am about to ring in the outrageous 70s? Where are my bellbottoms and doeskin vest? I demand roller skates for these festivities, followed by LSD-spiked punch and consequence-free, emotionally unbinding sexual relations!

Or is Andy Warhol here, watching me type this post, and shaking his head at it's ultimately very disappointing conclusion? Oh Andy, I'm sorry. What little I know of you, besides your iconic fabulousness, is that line from Basquiat where you're asked why you yourself do not drink the beer and pee on your canvas, and you reply with a bewildered sneer, 'I don't like beer.')

What I mean to say, and it's really nothing very special, is that I am now worthy of UNT's public image. See for yourself!

Also, I have reclaimed my camera after its vacation at Ross and Jeremy's house, and posted some of the silliness from the UNT/SMU game on September the 9th, 2006. I am such a time traveller!