Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the continuing adventures of "one thing at a time, dammit!" girl

It's so close to vacation, that blissful, two month-long, sweet jesus I love it vacation of winter break, that I've reverted into full on procrastination and poor time management mode.

And I used to be so good at keeping all my shit together all the time!

So, all weekend the idea was, 'finish Africa presentation for class on Tuesday.'

Big Fat Check off the list.

Now, it's 'practice ass off for rehearsal with pianist and lesson on Thursday', after which point it'll be 'read like crazy for Baroque Music History on Tuesday', after which it'll be 'don't fold in jury/cram for tune jury on Wednesday', after which it will be 'frantically write history paper' after which it'll be 'frantically study for history final' after which it'll be 'leisurely write Africa paper since most of the work was done for presentation' after which I will collapse in an alcohol haze on the kitchen floor of my house.

It's sort of like Tetris. You only get one block at a time, but you're all the way at the top of the screen and everything's coming faster and faster. Where's that long one gonna go? Oops! Coulda had a row there!

Christ Crackers. This has been one hell of a busy semester, and I'm friggen ready for it to be the sweet, sweet end.