Tuesday, December 05, 2006

let me make this clear to you- i am not a lush


I don't know what this winter break is going to be like, but if the lessening of responsibilities and the greater concentration of free time that I have now is any indication, I may very well be in the running for a new liver. Probably gonna need some exercise as well.

Case in point: Last night I went to a coffee shop to study and read for class, and ended up at a bar selling $1 Shiner Bock and listening to live jazz. Nothing wrong with that in concept, of course...only that it was Monday night and I did have work to be doing.

Fueling my adventures of late has been the fun I have been having with a new friend, Ben, who's pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread since he lets me get drunk and talk his ear off with stories that lead nowhere and teach nothing. I got pretty sappy on him last night, telling him he was the highlight of my semester. Well, that's true anyway.

On top of this, it's nice to be free of emotionally and psychological commitments to people who don't give a damn, and to not have anyone lined up in the queue for my affections (not that that line's ever very long to begin with). It's much better to just relax and be able to have fun with friends, rather than thinking about who you could be with all the damn time.

In the meantime, I'm winding down on work I have to do. Tomorrow is my jury, and I'm also auditioning for the top wind group here, but I'm not sweating that too much...I'm feeling confident about most of my playing and the parts I'm not so hot at...well, mostly it's just the high notes, and I've learned not to stress out about that.

And Friday, we party. If you are around, you must come. It will be THE EVENT OF THE CENTURY. I can say no more.