Thursday, April 19, 2007

all that remains

The countdown to summer begins as I start to cross off major projects from my list and make plans for both summer employment and hopping states in the fall.

Here is what the remainder of this semester looks like:
Tonight, April 19th- Final Wind Symphony concert
Sunday, April 22nd- Center for Chamber Music Studies Showcase concert
(Edit 4/23: That went really bloody well. Phew!)
Friday, April 27th- Oral examination
Passed! Le Check!
Wednesday, May 2nd- Jury Done and done!
Thursday, May 3rd- Tune Jury Sheesh. I folded all over the minor harmonic scales. Oh well, it's over.
Wed, May 9th- Secondary project/recital for Music in Latin America class Done...
Friday, May 11th- 20 page research paper on the influence of radio and nationalism on Brazilian samba due...and done.

And then I can go to Albuquerque for a week, which can't come soon enough.

My summer job is again lifeguarding, this time with the City of Denton pools. They've also asked me to teach swim lessons, and are renewing my certification in that for free, which is more than excellent. I'll be making a large chunk of extra change that way.

I'm taking one class (Survey of Major Composers) in the summer, along with one session of summer lessons. I'm planning a few big trips if I can both fit them in and afford them: Wisconsin over July 4th for the family reunion extravanganza, The Summit Brass festival in Denver July 23-28th, and hopefully a trip to NYC in August(?) with Ben to visit Davis, Eugene, and anyone else I happen to find there. At some point in August too the great moving adventure will begin. The plan is tenatively to fly Allison out, fill up a truck with both my stuff and whatever I need from IKEA, and drive that and my car out to Albuquerque. Luckily it's only a day's drive but it sure does suck to go through the panhandle of Texas.

And from there on out it's anyone's guess, except for the part where we all become rockstars.