Wednesday, March 14, 2007

two weeks. and counting

Before I go into trombone hermit mode for spring break, I just want to say a few things.

1. Tomorrow is Buddha Stew's 6th anniversary. 6 years! That be crazy, yo. My friends have had blogs come and go, but I guess I'm just stubborn and resistant enough to change to keep one blog alive for six years. Happy Birthday, BS! You've been good to me.

2. Tomorrow is also what I estimate to be Nikolai's 2nd birthday. Isn't it weird that we assign birthdays to cats? I don't even know for sure because he was found feral at about six weeks old. Anyway, he's two-ish. Look at the young fluffy!

And the big fluffy!

You've come a long way, baby.

3. Albuquerque is so exciting it's becoming distracting.

4. Monday nights at the Loophole always end up with some craziness. Is there something in the beer? In the Monday night air? Whatever it is...I always seem to have a story to tell the next day. But I can't tel you this story. It's too out of control. Maybe when you're older.

5. My new keyboard is awesome.

6. I got to be one of the lucky folks to check out a trial run of computer lab iPod nanos. Right now I'm going for most random selection of songs: The Arcade Fire's new album and the Malcolm Arnold Brass Quintet No 1.

7. Wooo. Off to practice.