Tuesday, March 06, 2007

even with all the idiot in the air, it's still a good day

Something's wrong with everyone today. It's like everyone's just daydreaming and losing track of where they are and what they are doing.

This girl wouldn't cross the street, even though all approaching cars were stopping for her, until I waved her across. She had the right of way, too.

At a four way stop, on my turn another car coming across decided to play chicken with me.

Going into rehearsal, I had to walk impatiently behind a woodwind who was slowly moving toward his seat while noodling on his instrument, taking his sweet time. I was carrying a trombone, a bag of mutes, a waterbottle and a folder, and there was no way of getting around him.

One of the percussionists knocked a snare drum off its stand and didn't pick it up. It just sat on the ground, fallen stand nearby, for the rest of rehearsal.

But, cases of the stupids aside, something nice has happened. Yesterday I checked my bank account to find that I had a large sum of money more than I was supposed to, thanks to a retroactive grant given to me by the state of Texas. I was also given a small music school scholarship for my work in the Chamber Institute. It's a lot of money, for me, and it saves my ass. A large chunk of it went to a credit card, a smaller chunk of the rest of it is going toward purchasing an electric piano so I can practice more efficiently at home. Shopping for that will happen this weekend. Yet a smaller piece is going toward giving my cats their annual checkup and shots, since I've been that off due to lack of funds and general good health of said cats. The rest of it will be saved and used wisely.

I don't like to think that money can make me happy, but I do know that not having to worry about money makes me feel like life is pretty good. Things that were stressful (ie hoping that I wouldn't have to rehearse too much with my pianist for my recital, since she is expensive and the pieces are difficult) are now less troublesome. Hopefully I don't catch any of the douchebaggery in the air today and blow it all a booze-sodden adventure to Las Vegas.