Wednesday, March 28, 2007

today's the day!

Tonight at 8 pm in the UNT Concert Hall I will be giving my Master's degree recital. I am excited and nervous and excited again, but I think it is going to go great. I am only really worried about one little thing, and it's such a little thing!

Looking forward to it being over as well, so I can reap the benefits of my hard work- in other words, sit around drinking delicious beer while people tell me how awesome I am.

Here is my program:

Suite for trombone and piano by Axel Jorgensen
Concerto for trombone and piano by Ida Gotkovsky
Portal for trombone alone by Dajeong Choi (This piece was written for me! I love it)
Sonata for trombone and piano by John Stevens
Quintet by Malcolm Arnold

It's a tough blow but I know this shit. Time to rock out!