Friday, March 30, 2007


So, my recital went fabulously. Here is a picture of my awesome brass quintet- we rocked the house on the Arnold. It's true. Don't deny it. I would put a picture up of me playing, but my mom is silly and with my camera didn't manage to get a good picture. So I have to wait for them to get home and upload the pics from their camera.

Anyway, a brief rundown: The first piece was a little rough, and I had trouble settling into it as I was nervous and didn't know it quite as well as the rest of the program. It wasn't terrible, just chipped some stuff and played a few things out of tune in general. The second piece rocked- best I've ever played it. Everything after that was great. The last piece I did before the quintet went very well, but about halfway through I could hear the fatigue in my sound but couldn't feel it- felt like I was playing on cotton or something. Oh well. Shook it off and went on to finish on the proverbial and literal high note.

And then, beer!

I am so glad it's over, but I definitely had a good time doing it. I'd forgotten that recitals are fun because you don't get nervous really after the first few minutes. It's your stage and you own it. I knew that music backward and forward and I had no reason not to play the snot out of it. Looking forward to getting the recording back.

So yeah! Hurray! Onward to: my oral examinations, my resume and recording project, my 20 page research paper, my tune and excerpt juries, and everything else I've put off for the last month!