Tuesday, April 24, 2007

four winds

It's that time again- the time of year when people start scattering and I find myself facing yet another group of friends that is migrating across both country and ocean to find new homes. This time I am one of the travellers, which makes it both exciting and terrifying.

Here is a short list of everyone I know who is leaving our currently flooded and very, very deluged city of Denton (I need an ark just to get to my car! I have two cats to donate to the flood survivors but they are both boys; at any rate their dangly bits have been removed and there's no future progeny eminent):

Ben is on his way to Cincinnati to attend CCM on a full assistantship in jazz.
Leah is winding her way north to Seattle with a full ride to UW.
Ross and Kristopher will find themselves in Pittsburg in the fall, where Kristopher will get his doctorate (also on a nice assistantship! I have such talented friends) and Ross will teach.
Chuck is going to Athens, OH to start his Master's trombone performance degree.
Jeremy is going to Holland to study with Ben Van Dyk at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

And of course there's me, but you already know where I am going, probably because I won't shut up about it. My plane ticket for my visit in May is booked, which means I will be absolutely incapable of getting any work done because I'll be too excited to do it.

"I have friends all over this country, friends in other countries too. I've got friends I haven't met yet, I've got friends I never knew. I've got lovers whose eyes I've only seen at a glance. I've got strangers for greatgrandchildren. I've got strangers for ancestors. I was a long time coming, I'll be a long time gone. You've got your whole life to do something, and that's not very long." -Ani Difranco, "Willing to Fight"