Wednesday, March 29, 2006

can anyone assist?

Chuck and I like to say, "Less babies, more trees!" which is technically grammatically incorrect, but it's catchier that way (and sometimes I disagree because babies are way tastier than trees, but I can stand by an ethical statement in lieu of my own personal satisfaction). This weekend we are going to do our part to practice what we preach by putting some trees in the Skelton House backyard!

Which is where you come in, if you can help. We need people with larger cars (larger than Pepito the Scion, anyway), or trucks even, to help us move the trees from the nursery to our house. They are not large trees (yet) and should fit in an SUV or hatchback. I'll probably be able to get the smaller ones in my car but we are buying an older magnolia tree too.

And we'd love your help in diggin' some holes! Beer and perhaps brats and v. burgers will be provided, if we can also get our hands on a grill.

The forecast for Saturday and Sunday says rain- so if that looks to be the case we will move it to next weekend. So, if you can help, please leave a comment and we'll keep you posted!