Thursday, March 30, 2006

denton is growing on me

Today in my Intro to Research class my professor's wife (who was subbing for him while he is in Rome...shucks!) told me that in October, Denton gives away trees. For free. Two per car.

Next weekend is the Redbud Festival. Denton is apparently the Redbud capital of America! I've seen these trees blooming around and they are quite beautiful. I'll get a picture this weekend. Anyway, at the festival you can buy trees and planting materials, etc...just in time for spring.

New to Denton is a Household Hazardous Waste collection program, which is definitely overdue but good to see it coming to town. If you scroll down you'll see that including in this is the establishment of a ReUse Store- basically, instead of buying a new chemical or can of paint, you can go here and get it! I don't know yet if it's free or not- probably not knowing Texas, but it was in Madison. When SAI painting practice rooms, that's where we got all our paint.

So, these are exciting things, no? Texas needs more trees and it definitely needs less hazardous waste. So three cheers for this quirky little town!

My pet peeve of late: overuse of plastic grocery bags. Take your old ones to the store or get a canvas one, and ask your stores to provide you with other options like paper or give you an incentive for reuse!

Partly for Chuck, and anyone else thinking of being a veggie like me: an article on eating sustainably. I save an acre of trees per year! Good stuff on shopping for fish that's humane and green as well.

Wow, my very own carnival of the green. Enjoy!