Sunday, April 02, 2006

more greenitude

Browsing on the totally awesome webcomic Minimum Security I came across this Stop Ecocide Wiki. Basically, you can add your entry on how you plan on helping make our culture more eco-friendly. I filled one out today, so go check it out! I liked that it asked me to write about the things I do that are NOT ecoconscious, so that I could be clearer about my goals.

While I was writing it I realized that I don't shop that much anymore, except for food. I'm making a goal to shop, if I need to get something, as much as possible at garage sales and thrift stores. Not only is it cheaper, but you put to use something that needs reusing. Our durable goods last for so long, but more money, more class, more convenience, whatever, encourages people to upgrade.

And I do need some things...but mostly just this: an mp3 player and a computer I can store my music on. I don't have much money to get either of these things, but when Monica moves in in May I'll be saving rent money and can go shopping. I plan on doing the following: getting an mp3 player on eBay or from a friend, if I can, and doing my best to upgrade this computer so that I can continue to use a product that works just as well as I need it to. I am considering getting satellite radio for my car so I can learn about new music AND lessen the number of CDs I buy. Digital format, baby!

Also, planted my tree today! Pictures when I can get to a more reliable internet connection. :)