Saturday, December 16, 2006

i guess i'd call that good timing...

I think my computer has finally shit the bed. Good ol' Speedy Gonzales, the computer I got for free from Jerry two years ago (although in no universe should you even begin to think it's only two years old at this point), has decided it will no longer turn on. Push the start Just sort of an "" and then nothing, a black screen.

And after all the love and care I took updating it from Windows 98 to XP, increasing its memory, polishing its clunky 90s laptop curves?

But seriously, it put in a good fight, and thankfully it waited until after my two research papers were due to throw in the towel, as if sending me a last, "you go on without yourself!" The problem is now the fact that, having no money, I have not the werewithal to acquire myself a replacement. I suppose it's never been entirely necessary that I have my own computer, seeing as how the UNT computer labs are fast and shiny AND have Finale software already installed, and I can do most of my work there and save it to disc or flash drive. But lately I've been having dreams of mp3 players and playlists and mixed CDs as holiday presents, and you can't very well do those things without a fast computer.

I guess I'll just have to wait. I know AKGPT* Day is coming, but I've sort of worn out my parents' gift-giving agenda this year already, what with...the new car and the inability to pay rent and, oh, the new glasses and contacts coming my way. I already feel badly enough as it is relying on my parents to save my ass in financial matters, and I sure as hell can't put anything else on my credit card.

So for now I must pine, and burn, and cherish the Macs that dance enticingly in my head, and instead truck my ass off to the library down the road whose web browser system makes my blog site look like complete crap and wonder...just how long will this go on?

*Atheist Kids Get Presents, Too