Friday, December 08, 2006

the one in which i am a bad-ass

Let me just say, I am feeling like a rock star today. There are a couple of reasons, but let me get to them in order.

In the realm of trombone, I am a bad-ass for two reasons.
1. My jury was the best I've ever played for the faculty, and I've never felt so relaxed and confident playing with piano. It was a taste of what it must be like to be completely a professional player, and just do what you've trained to do instead of worrying about the little details.
2. I auditioned for and won a spot in the prestigious and world-renowned UNT Wind Symphony. Wooo! Prestigious and world-renowned!
I found about this yesterday, but I was pretty sure I got it on Wednesday when the director was extra friendly to me after I played for him. This led to two nights of celebrating...and tonight is our big party. Which leads me to...

In the realm of social activity, I am a bad-ass for a two-part reason.
1a. As a trombonist (well, hell- as a musician in general) I feel part of my training is in going out and living it up a little, or a lot, whichever is called for by the situation, and still managing to pull off all standing obligations with grace and responsibility. I am good at this.
1b. Confidence in my playing ability and general capability allows me to be more social and free-spirited, which makes for more fun and interesting situations.

In the realm of academics, I am a bad-ass for two reasons.
1. In my MUET class, I scored extra points for bringing up Foucault in the context of my paper presentation, and I managed to look completely knowledgable and intelligent on the subject of mbira music's role in the Zimbabwean revolutionary movement of the 1970s.
2. I aced my take-home test for my history class.

And I got the next issue of Y: The Last Man from the library, on top of being on a total "rock out to Radiohead" kick, on top of getting some long over-due money from students, on top of being excited to go home in a week and a half...

The semester, she has redeemed herself.