Tuesday, December 19, 2006

surprise, it's sunny!

Back home in SD for about ten days for the holidays. Today's already been a bust in terms of California appreciation, but that's my fault for staying up all night at C's work Christmas party, which started out annoying, was sort of frustrating in the middle, and ended up a fun learning experience.

For instance, a scenario: That cute boy or girl you like? In a relationship. Le sigh. But guess what? The SO is pretty much the raddest person on the planet and you can't resist the urge to gather both of them up in a bear hug and tell them you love them. With kisses.

San Diego is sharp and bright and clean, beautiful and unique. It makes Denton seem like the drabbest, shabbiest place on the planet, which it may very be.

The internet is fast here at home, but my parent's new LCD monitor is too big and makes my eyes water. Death by large text font!

The Daily Show. I can watch the Daily Show tonight.

Tomorrow I have a long-overdue optometrist appointment. Thursday I have a long-overdue dentist appointment.

Yes, I will play my trombone. I promise. Projected degree recital date: March 31st. Save the date!